by Young Tricksters

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released February 28, 2014

Guitar, Vocals - Ryan Severin
Guitar, Vocals - Lucas Solórzano
Bass, Vocals - Jesse French
Drums - Aaron Noble

Vocals on track 1 by Kristen Mounsey
Glockenspiel on track 3 by Megan Miller

Engineered by Jesse French in Amherst, MA
Mixed by Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst, MA
Mastered by Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering in Boston, MA
Cover artwork by Dylan Lapointe
Back Cover Photo by Kristen Mounsey
Design by Jesse French

Special thanks to Larry Berger, for making it all happen.


all rights reserved



Young Tricksters Amherst, Massachusetts

Young Tricksters is a dynamic four-piece rock band from Amherst, MA. Their ability to juxtapose soaring vocal harmonies with heavy, triumphant instrumentation creates an intensely beautiful emotional energy in their music.

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Track Name: Where the River Ends
So beautiful I'm not the one who said I adore you listen
There buried in the mud my tongue is drowned out
The sky oozes up from the ground still the water buries my sound
But in the place oh where the river ends she's singing so loud
Track Name: Gotta Move On
Joy has left your eyes, troubled times my friend are meant to die
And it's tearing you apart, like a rag doll arrowed through the heart

Gotta move on as restless as we are
No game you play will be the same
Release all that's said and done
You need to let it go

I can tell your heart, speaks through you in subtle different ways
And the blood runs through your veins, coursing like a steady speeding train
Gradually we grow, no one has to be their greatest foe
And if what we're meant to feel, is not yet what we've felt then give it more time

Gotta move on as desperate as we are
No game you play will be the same
Release all that's said and done
You need to let it

Sleep all your life, let the sun shine bright
For the vampire inside can't draw any blood under this light
Well it can't draw any blood under this light
Throw it all out your door
Track Name: Farewell My Friends
Farewell my friends this is the dreaded end
So bittersweet now I'm cut off from them
Something inside that burns and turns the bend
Now I grow old the past will warm my soul

And they slip away through another gate
People come and go so you know
All the birds have flown built another home
Like the fallen leaves to be blown

Wise folk have said move west and find success
Alienate yourself a blank new slate
And though the days may fade and dissipate
You carry on and on and on your way

Traveling circus act overlapping tracks
Don't you turn your back on the past
Life's a short parade traffic jamming haze
Watch your speed let's go with the flow

We're falling off the map and radar, slowly drifting apart
And though we're miles away and counting, some things rub off on you
I'll be the one to wear it all day, always be forever true do do do...
Track Name: Twisted Love
You're so lovely it's a shame he's ugly and a crime to leave you alone

Cruel and twisted love buggin out I'm crazy you're insanely amusing me
And tell me will we fall, two arms from each of us we'll be like all the fearless ones

Tiny grains of sand so quickly passing through your hour glass
And do you have the time to spare a grain?
All I want is you, all I want is you

Chorus repeats

We live we die and sail up into the sun we'll be blind, we'll be blind
Until the light transforms and shines through the inside
Beauty has us all in her hands forever more
Holler up to me I'll hear you've nothing to fear
Track Name: Ripples
Over and under around far and wide we expend our lives tapped into the grapevine
We're still afloat and we hope that we might rock the boat tonight who's to pick a fight
Are we along here watching the waves crashing down on parade bullet hits the pane
Turn to each other we're all we've got for comfort in this day and age

Trust your eyes while life drifts by
You float downstream with the rules tattooed inside your mind
Can't we laugh the world's made of glass
You don't want to go throwing stones

Phone's off the hook but it still finds a way to ring out loud bury it underground
Till it's renowned that the world has drowned and you crawl on out tail between your legs
Holding together like glue we cannot be a few when the city's askew
I'll lead the way and close by you will stay it's a long long ride to the other side

Choke on words a broken record
What's real to peal and you question all you think you know
Claim your soul it's made to grow
Reach out and find your friend you're alone inside your head


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